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Dear Friend,

Have you ever had a dream that has yet to come true?...A dream that makes your stomach flutter, your heart pound, and your skin get all tingly with just the very thought of it?

A dream you KNOW you can have … yet for some reason LIFE gets in the way, and then just like a puff of smoke...it’s gone!

FAST FOWARD 20 years …
You see, that's what happened to me. Do you want that to happen to you? I bet you don’t … and I’m here to see that you LIVE your dream NOW.

You know the dream I’m talking about…The one where you land that BIG fish fresh out of the water with that jaw dropping Alaskan landscape right behind you …

Could anything else be more beautiful? Well maybe, but it’s a great sight to behold, especially with your loved ones or close friends looking on with amazement.

So, how do YOU turn that dream into reality?

Well you’ve come to the right place to see how to start landing those BIG Alaskan fish…
You see, one of the reasons that I never got it done was that I didn’t know how to set it up. It all seemed too much to do.

check this! I had no good source of information to go to where I could
learn how to set up a trip like that
check this! I didn’t know who to contact or where to go if I got stuck
check this! If I missed something, it would make the difference between
a GREAT trip, or just an average one like so many other
fishermen report
check this! Plus, how the heck would I get my catch home?

But when a friend arranged it for me last minute, I just packed and headed straight out there. That trip ended up being one of the most memorable trips of my life. I had a blast but I also learned a lot.

Get your FREE "Alaskan Fishing Tips For Beginners" E-book right now! 
We caught a LOT of fish and I made some great new friendships. I saw and experienced some of the most beautiful scenery the world has to offer.

I really believe that every fishing enthusiast no matter their experience, from newbies to seasoned pros, SHOULD have the right to enjoying THE most beautiful fishing waters on the planet and BAG a FULL net too.
How many other people out there are just like I was those many years ago?
They let their Alaskan dream pass them by just because they don’t know how to go about making it happen.
check this! They don’t know who to contact
check this! They don’t know what’s the best way to get started
check this! They don’t know the right equipment to take
check this! They don’t know which fish to target or where to find them
check this! They don’t know what to expect when they arrive
check this! They are afraid they will miss something in the planning

Get your FREE "Alaskan Fishing Tips For Beginners" E-book right now!

Sure there’s some information on the internet, but it’s scattered all over the place.
It takes time to find what really is the best way, then there’s those people who will charge a small fortune just to halfway advise you …

An EASIER way  
Here’s my complimentary book that contains EVERYTHING you’ll need to know about Fishing in Alaska … it’s for Newbies to fishing who just want to fill their nets fast …  It’s for YOU no matter how experienced you are, even if the title says for beginners.

It will SAVE you time, money, and a thumping headache… And it’s FREE!

IMPORTANT…  To get your copy, complete your name and e-mail address. You’ll have your personal copy within minutes, safely delivered to your favorite e-mail address.
You see, it all starts with a goal. I had a dream but I never gave my dream legs.

To make it happen, we must give our dream a date and a bank account…
Start out by setting a date. Once you have a date, start setting aside a few dollars in an envelope each month, SOON you’ll have enough to turn your dream into the fishing trip of a LIFETIME.

The shortcut to your dream  is here – Go to www.FishingTripToAlaska.com
check this! You will first to know when something major will affect the success of your trip
check this! We will reveal the RICHEST waters to stock up on
check this! We will update with the BEST guide and lodge services, the ones that are reputable and dependable

As our first installment on this commitment, just sign up now to receive your FREE Alaskan Fishing Tips For Beginners E-book. It will give you ALL the important details of what to expect and do in Alaska PLUS what fishing in Alaska is all about.  

Happy fishing,

Alaska Jim Kell
Alaska Jim


P.S.   Fishing conditions change and that’s why we will update you with ALL the latest developments that will make your fishing experience even Better, Easier, and… you will end up with MORE bigger fish.

P.P.S.   Get ready for a bigger Freezer to keep YOUR catch in!

Free Ebook Alaskan Fishing Tips for Beginners and Pros






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