Why do you fish?

Why do you fish? What is the motivation behind it? What do you get from it?

These are just some of the questions that we probably never ask ourselves but yet the answers are a part of who we are. Psychologists could have a heyday analyzing why we are willing to subject ourselves to early mornings and late nights, adverse weather and conditions, soggy sandwiches and warm sodas, etc all for a chance to sit in a boat or on a muddy riverbank and MAYBE get a look at a fish or two. Those fish may not even be on our own lines.

I personally have some motivations that get me out fishing. They may be the same things that move you. Personally, I enjoy the chance to do something different, a chance to get away from the everyday routine. Change is good and a day out fishing can change my perspective on work and other responsibilities, sometimes  for days before and after the trip.

family fishing trip nets some nice troutI enjoy immensely the opportunity to take my kids with me. I recently went on an afternoon trip with some of my younger kids and all I did was bait hooks and net fish while they did all of the catching. It was intensely enjoyable to see their joy and delight with each nibble on their lines.

I have had many excellent conversations with my kids in between catches, conversations about life and love and goals and futures. Many of them were conversations that otherwise might not have happened. This is a big motivator for me to get out and go fishing.

Another reason that I enjoy fishing is for the challenge of it. Fishing really is about knowledge and experience and instinct more than about luck. I am sure that you have seen one guy catch all of the fish when all of the people around him catch nothing. What does he know or do that the others around him don’t know and do?. Answer that question and you might find more fish in your own cooler. Luck does play a small part but success comes when preparedness meets opportunity.

I enjoy going with other experienced fishermen and learning from their tactics and styles. Everyone has their own way of doing things but yet there is no one “right” way. My fishing knowledge is a combination  of things that I have learned from many other people over the years. I enjoy trying new things and demo-ing tactics that seem to work for other people.

This is one of the reasons for building this website and blog. Hopefully I can share some of my knowledge and experience and also I hope that you will share back so that we can both benefit. Get a free copy of my ebook,  Alaskan Fishing Tips for Beginners. Read the information that I share in there. Give me some feedback. Help me to know what I can do to make the next one better.

I hope that there are some BIG motivators in your life that get you out often to your favorite fishing hole. I hope that you find as much enjoyment in the pursuit as I do.

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