Other Attractions

Alaska has a plethora of options when it comes to things to do besides fishing. There are sites to see and things to do everywhere.

The glaciers are a big hit. The Mendenhall Glacier near Juneau is a very popular attraction as is Glacier Bay National Park. One can take helicopter rides where you actually land on a glacier and can explore it from the top. One can take boat rides right up to the base of the glacier to watch the “calving” of the monstrous slabs of ice as they flake off of the face of the glacier and fall into the sea.

There are dog sled rides on the glaciers and climbing expeditions. Juneau has a cable car that climbs straight up the mountain and offers some spectacular views.

One can visit working gold mines and be taught all about where and how gold comes from and they will even give you a gold pan and let you try it for yourself.

There are many opportunities to go whale watching from a boat or to view or even hunt the bears, moose and other critters of Alaska.

Horseback and hiking trips or excursions are available for those who wish to get away from the civilized areas (and one doesn’t have to go far for that).

There are several cruise lines that serve Alaska and the Inside Passage for those who enjoy cruises. Most offer one day  or partial day fishing trips as an optional activity during your cruise.