Alaskan Trout ID

Alaska is home to several species of trout. We tend to call them all trout, but they really consist of  several other classifications and families. They are quite similar in appearance and thus we improperly call them all trout.

Most of these species are found and fished in Alaska’s thousand of lakes, rivers, and streams but there are some species that spend some time in the saltwater of the ocean. The Steelhead trout and the Dolly Varden and Artic Char are some of these.

The regulations and bag limits vary greatly from area to area and from one species to another. It is IMPERATIVE that you know what you are catching and be proficient in identifying them. The bag limits vary from two fish to ten fish and several species have both minimum and maximum size limits as well.

It would be useless for me to quote bag limits and regulations here as they are constantly changing from year to year but I have included an link to the Alaska Dept of Fish and Game’s Trout ID chart below for your convenience. The current bag limits are always available on the Alaska Fish and Game website. That link can be found on my LINKS page.

Trout ID Chart from The Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game


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