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If you have followed my website, ebook, or blog posts at all, you already know that I have a passion for Alaskan deep-sea fishing. I don’t think that you could have missed it.

I have told you how it began back when I was a teenager and watched a fishing show on TV about some guys fishing in Alaska and how I decided on the spot that someday I would go and give it a try.

When the opportunity came along for me to go, I really wasn’t prepared. I began a crash course in studying Alaskan fishing. I spent hours trying to figure out what I needed to know. I searched it with every search term that I could think of and looked everywhere that I thought that I might find someone with some experience to share.

What I found was that there was no good central source of information or tips about fishing in Alaska. I could not find one single website that could give me a storehouse of information to prepare me for my upcoming trip. What I found was that all there was out there were little pieces of info here and there. As a result, I spent hundreds of hours trying to find the information that I wanted. I visited hundreds of websites and did thousands of Google searches. In the end, I still didn’t feel prepared when it came time to go.

I know that a few years have passed since then. I know that the web has grown a lot. I know that search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others have improved greatly over what they used to be. In spite of this, there still isn’t any one great website that will provide an aspiring fisherman, headed for Alaska, with the information that he needs on one or even a few websites. One still has to wade through many, many searches and websites searching for those tips and information that are needed.

If you look at the search engine results, you will notice that all of the top listed websites are owned by lodge or guide services and are just an advertisement for you to come and fish with them. Some do offer tips and helps but most of their tips are aimed at tipping you towards their guest list.

I have never forgotten the feeling of discomfort that I felt when I boarded that plane for Alaska feeling very unprepared for what awaited me. A Google search done today didn’t turn up one single top ranking Alaskan Fishing Blog with current posts and information except a couple written by guides selling their own services. (I do not own a guide or lodge service although I definitely have a couple of favorites who have taken great care of me) and this blog are my attempt to rectify what I consider a great hole in the available resources on the web. This is my way of sharing what I have learned to make the way easier for those who follow in my footsteps.

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